Control and maintenance of supply chain management department of SCAD tech Group is responsible  for selecting suppliers, evaluating their capabilities to comply with the requirements of the Group of Companies and managing suppliers’ data. Also their development is important: support for organizations seeking to enter the supplier list of SCAD tech Group that yet do not meet those requirements. 

SCAD tech Group initiative to attract new suppliers of products and/or services is related to:

  1. monopolistic position of a few suppliers for a particular type of product/service (supporting competition);

  2. expected decrease in costs  of purchase when switching to a contract with a new supplier(economies of scale); 

  3. unsatisfactory standard of performance by one or another supplier and the need to find an alternative of a higher standard;

  4. advent of new products/services within the supply chain management department; 

  5. advent of innovative solutions on the market, which are technically and economically reasonable for SCAD tech Group.
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