Equipment Cabinets, Panels and Instrument Consoles

Equipment cabinet units, panels and instrument consoles of oil pumping stations automatic systems are designed to operate as a part of automatic microprocessor-based system; they accommodate monitoring and metering instruments and control equipment.

Are to be installed on sites in the direct proximity to manufacturing machinery.
Contain monitoring and metering instruments and control devices. Cabinets configuration provides operating conditions for process control instruments and meters (incl. service, reparations, replacements), ensure they are protected from environmental influence and random distractions.

Supply package includes:

  • Cabinet unit, panel or instrument console skeleton;
  • Heating system for equipment cabinets that are to be installed outside;
  • Monitoring and metering instruments and control devices;
  • Impulse piping with stop valves to connect observed environment to process control instruments and meters; possible to connecting to external pipelines via welding or threaded connection;
  • Electrical wiring in a form of closed circuit linked to terminal box for connecting to external conductors;
  • Operating and permitting documentation package;
  • Set of explanation plates for the devices.
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