Control point block-containers

SCAD tech is one of the market leaders in production and assembly of control point block-containers.

Control point block-containers are designed to accommodate equipment for monitoring and administration of various technological processes. Portacabins may be placed on production sites as well as on autonomous objects.

In addition to process control equipment, contain a set of tools that ensure normal operation of control systems.

Typical control point block-container may be equipped with the following supplying sub-systems:

  • high voltage power supply system;
  • automatic diesel power plant with own fuel reserve;
  • uninterruptible power supply system;
  • electric distribution system and electric distribution control system;
  • microclimate maintenance system;
  • communication system;
  • electrochemical protection system;
  • security automation system;
  • automatic fire-prevention system;
  • automatic fire extinguishing system;
  • video surveillance system.

Design of container units manufactured by SСAD tech provides strong protection against damages of environmental nature or illegal actions.

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