Decision support, analysis and control systems

Leak Detection System

The leak detection system allows to detect detection of pipeline ruptures and issue a signal to automatically stop operation, all done in real time 24/7, in a fully automatic mode. Can be used on pipelines that transport oil, oil products, liquefied gases, and water. In addition to determining the fact of leakage it helps to detect location of its occurrence, giving a minimum of misfiring. The system also allows to detect unauthorized pumping (i.e. theft). Efficiently adapts to various process conditions.

Mode Control System

The system is based on a mathematical model of technological process of transporting products through a pipeline. The model operates in real time 24/7. Allows to calculate and predict movement and mixing of batches, movement of «pigs» (scrappers inside pipelines), the influence of the drag reducing agent additive. The system performs continuous monitoring of calculated and real pressure distribution profiles. If an error is detected, the built-in expert system determines the reason for deviation and creates a solution whether further pumping is possible or an emergency shutdown of the pipeline is needed. It warns the operator if there is a need to make further decisions (when a scrapper approaches a receiver or a pump; about tank filling/emptying; pump operation in an unclear mode, etc.)

Mathematical model of technological process

The model allows to calculate both stationary and transient modes of pipeline operation. It takes into account viscosity, compressibility, compliance of the walls, influence of gravity and heat transfer. Allows to simulate a two-phase flow at the transshipping points, effect of drag reducing agent additives. Effective for calculating of oil and petroleum products, liquefied water gases or chemical components transportation, the model is used to calculations while designing pipelines, control and protection algorithms development. It is included in simulators of operators, testing fields and dispatching control systems.

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